Burst Pressure Test Stands

The Poppe + Potthoff burst test stands are designed to burst a variety of metal and plastic components to test durability in both R&D and serial production. Hoses, tubes, metal parts, plastic components or any type of pressure vessel can be bursted with different test media. Depending on your requirements we build a burst test stand to achieve maximum results. Poppe + Potthoff has long-term experience in high-pressure and testing technology. Pressure is built up with a technology which is faster, more precise and lower in maintenance than conventional systems. The burst pressure is determined in part with 100,000 measurement values per second.

Industries & Applications

Leak Test Stand with Small Testing Chamber

Engineering & Automotive Burst Test Stands

In both machinery and vehicles, fluid-carrying components are exposed to extreme conditions. The capacity of pumps, pressure vessels, tubes, & pipes made of metal or plastic are tested by means of dynamic and static pressure tests.

Optional in the climatic chamber
Component tests are able to be configured depending upon the component’s real-world application, with the ability to test with different test fluids under varying temperature conditions. Poppe + Potthoff  provides test benches designed for this purpose with quick change device for the test pieces, including an optional air chamber.

Performance data:

Special Applications - Burst Test

Poppe + Potthoff Engineering develops and manufactures customer-specific equipment for testing items in operation and under fatigue. On these test benches, fittings, hoses and other hydraulic components can be tested until they burst.

Pressure and volume can be precisely increased up to max. 15 000 bar, decreased, or maintained at a constant level. As a specialist for high-pressure applications Poppe + Potthoff offers more performance classes.

Performance data:

Burst Pressure Test Bench with small test chamber.

Plastic Components - Burst Test

Our plastic components test stand is a stand-alone operating system developed specifically for the plastic industry. The items to be tested can be easily adapted with quick connectors. Furthermore, a quick-change device can be used to perform the mountings by testing by hand outside the test chamber.

For the burst test, two test circuits with varying working styles are available. Up to 50 bar is possible by the wear-free precision control method, which provides a very precise pressure rise. Another test circuit operates a pneumatically driven pressure translator, through which up to 400 bar of pressure can be generated. The test medium is water or test oil. The test stand can be equipped with a hand-held scanner for identification of components, thus the burst pressures attributable to each component.

Performance data:

Pressure Test Bench with large Chamber for Hoses and Pipes

Pipes & Pipe Components - Burst Test

Hose, pipes and pipe joints for the various industries must safely withstand defined pressures. To test their quality, they are subjected to pressure, partly to
failure or bursting.

These test benches by Poppe + Potthoff use innovative technology, making it possible to determine burst pressure in fractions of a second. This proves and allows you to document the quality of the components used, in the shortest time possible.

Performance data:

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As specialist in high-pressure technology, Poppe + Potthoff Maschinenbau supports the development and production of extremely resilient metal and plastic components – in particular for the automobile, shipping and machine building sectors as well as fluid and medical technology. 

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