Pressure Pulsation Test Stand

The Poppe + Potthoff pressure pulsation test stands (also know as impulse test, pressure alteration test or pressure cycle test) are developed to test operating and fatigue strength of various metal and plastic components. The endurance test of our high-pressure test system simulates the life-cycle of the test part under varying pressure loads. Our test stands are characterized by special ergonomics and are designed by our design specialists and engineers to meet customers’ requirements.

Impulse Test Bench with Medium Sized Chamber

Impulse Test | Pressure Pulsation Test | Pressure Alteration

Pressure Alteration | Pressure Change Test

By operating servo hydraulic pressure boosters the test stand controls the applied pressure very accurately. Our machines and pressure applications are individually designed for the project of the customer, while using a modular system to ensure durability and quick delivery. Design and operability can vary depending on frequency and volume; pressure can remain constant for long-term tests or can be increased to the point of bursting of the test part. We will closely work together with you in order to find the optimal solution for your test purposes and can apply pretests in our facility to ensure project requirements.

Pressure Cycle Testing Applications

Impulse Test as a Services

We also offer pressure cycle and burst testing in the relevant pressure and frequency ranges as a service. Whether for research and development purposes or for once-in-a-lifetime tests, please contact us with your test requirements.

Industries & Pressure Pulsation Testing Applications

To accomplish accurate testing the machines setup is designed purposefully to meet customers needs. A pressure booster with a hydraulic drive generates pressure, while a hydraulic power unit generates a constant hydraulic pressure of 350 bar. This pressure drives the pressure booster via a regulator valve. The pressure booster has a constant pressure-boosting ratio and produces the high pressure due to its linear movements. A highly dynamic servo regulator valve is used as the regulator valve, which allows very high-test frequencies with precise repeatability. The test pressure profile is measured and stored with a pressure transducer. These records allow the quality of the test to be assessed at a later stage. The pressure-control system of the plant also operates via a pressure sensor. The test medium is usually hydraulic oil. A perfectly tuned cooling system keeps the temperature at the pressure booster and in the hydraulics in equilibrium. Cooling is accomplished by integrating a very efficient water-cooling system into the machine. Visualization of the test sequence is carried out via a PC. The operation can be saved and stored in order to apply to a future test and the in-house designed software allows many individual configurations. As the system is self-monitoring potential errors are displayed on the monitor and make the system automatically shutoff if needed. Test failures are detected via an oil mist sensor integrated into the system. If an automatic shutdown occurs a message can be sent to the mobile phone of the operator. All relevant data to the test is preserved and automatically saved.

Performance Data:

Standard Impulse Test Stands

Our standard impulse test stands deliver are operate pressure capacity of 330 bar. The pressure is produced by a hydraulic power unit which drives the pressure booster via a regulator valve.

Due to the precision engineering and linear movements, the pressure booster is able to produces high pressure & deliver a constant pressure ratio. We also use high-dynamic servo-regulator valves for our standard systems, which guarantee a precise repeatability, even at very high test frequencies.

The pressure control of the system is realized by means of a pressure transducer. The test medium is hydraulic oil. A perfectly-tuned water-cooling system keeps the temperature in equilibrium at the pressure booster and in the hydraulics.

If necessary, it is possible to equip our standard impulse test stands in such a way that it is easy to switch to a different pressure range with ease.

Application areas:

Pressure Pulsation for Automotive Testing

For impact testing with subsequent long-term pressure and bursting tests, our systems offer two chambers in which up to ten tests can be done simultaneously. Our systems can safely operate at an ambient temperature of -60 °C up to 180 °C, as well as at room temperature.

Via separate control circuits, Glycol or other oils are added at temperatures ranging from room temperature up to 160 °C. This makes it possible to carry out tests at a wide array of  temperatures – which is rare in real-life situations, even with curing tests on the Nürburgring, in the Siberian tundra, or in the deserts of Africa.

Various servo-hydraulic pressure boosters, which are optimally designed for each test area, allow very precise control of the pressure. Pulse-pressure tests can be performed with a frequency of 0 – 10 Hz (the norm is 0.5 – 2.5 Hz) with a trapezoid curve of 4 – 25 bar and 0 – 160 bar; In the sinusoidal curve with a frequency of 0 – 10 Hz, pressures of 0 – 6 bar are possible.

The maximum burst pressure is 500 bar. Data acquisition and visualization is performed using National Instruments’ LabVIEW applications. All test sequences and associated data are automatically stored on the device and can be exported to the network for evaluation.

Performance data:

Test components of a Pressure Alteration Test

  • Accumulators
  • Condensors
  • Radiators
  • Oil Coolers
  • Cooling Circuits
  • Fluid Heat Exchangers
  • Powertrain & Hydraulic Components
  • Pipes, Tubes
  • Hoses
  • Hydraulic Hoses
  • Common Rails
  • Pump Heads, Pumps
  • Valves, Sensors

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