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Pressure Cycle Testing | Impulse Testing

The Poppe + Potthoff impulse test stands test the operating or fatigue strength of various metal and plastic components.

Burst Test Stand


Precision equipment to prove the quality of fluid-carrying parts, hoses, pipes, pressure vessels and other components.


Dependable, quality equipment for the precisely defined autofrettage of prototypes and standard components.
Increase longevity of components.

Leak Test Stand Leakage

Component Testing | Leak Testing

Poppe + Potthoff offers you a solution individually tailored to your E-Mobility testing requirements.

Our Mission

In everything we do:  Poppe + Potthoff sets new standards by always delivering the highest precision and accuracy.

Precision — Innovation — Flexibility

Pressure Test Stands and Benches

Pressure test benches are required for various applications and part validations. Benches are used for research and development, as well as end of line testing. At Poppe & Potthoff we will provide a state of the art equipment geared to achieve your goals.

Various Pressure Vessels

Tests include impulse testing/pressure cycle testing, burst testing, leak testing, autofrettage and more, while pressure vessels could be plastic components, hoses, valves, radiators, accumulators, tanks, metal vessels. Contact us and we will work on a custom solution or offer a standardized solution covering many industry standards within ISO, SAE, ASTM, UNI, MIL, ARP.

Years in Business

About the Poppe + Potthoff Group

The Poppe + Potthoff Group has 15 production plants, 1650 employees, sales offices in 9 countries and customer relationships in 50+ countries. The name Poppe + Potthoff always indicates the highest quality – a promise to which our customers rely on, regardless of which Poppe + Potthoff location they work in.

The company develops and produces customized steel tubes, common rail subsystems, high-pressure injection lines, precision components, drive shafts and couplings, as well as special machines and test stands. This allows Poppe + Potthoff to provide technically sophisticated solutions in the automobile and commercial vehicle sector, the aerospace and shipping industry, machine and tool making industries, as well as further industries.