With extensive expertise in pressure testing technology, test standards and in high-pressure technology, we specialize in meeting your ambitious requirements. Contact us to learn more about our testing capabilities. 



The Poppe and Potthoff Mechanical Engineering Group is a market leader in pressure testing equipment. After delivering outstanding and cutting edge technology within the Poppe and Potthoff Group for years, the Mechanical Engineering department established as a dominant supplier in the industry. Trusted by several notable manufacturers and suppliers in the automotive and shipbuilding industry the Mechanical Engineering team is constantly innovating to offer the best available product for customer’s individual project requirements

We are proud to be seen as industry leaders in pressure test technology:

Burst Test Benches – Pressure Cycle Test Stands – Impulse Test Stand – Leak Test Stand – Function Test Benches – Autofrettage – Dynamic Burst Test Benches – Custom Pressure Test Stands – Thermal Management Tests

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