Pressure Pulsation Test Stand with Climate Chamber and PC for Data Collection
Pressure Pulsation Test Stand with a Climate Chamber -40 °C to 140 °C and external PC and Control Unit

A cyclic pressure test (or pressure pulsation test) is executed to determine a pressure vessels receptivity to pressure and with that to determine fatigue failure and simulate design life of a component. Pressure pulsation tests are common in various industries, such as Automotive, Shipbuilding, Heavy Duty, Aviation and many more. In typical test procedures and setups, the pressure vessel is attached to an outlet that fills the part with a fluid (e.g. water or oil) using appropriate fixtures. In simple words, a pressure intensifier then generates pressure in either a sine or trapezoid curve on the filled test specimen. To simulate usage, test design life and material strength cycle times are applied and are specified by the cycle time, pressure and the amount of repeated cycles. In many cases various variables are added through tempered media or adding a climate chamber to simulate environmental situations throughout the pressure pulsation test.